Rhino keeps duplicating everything... pleas help!

Hi! Having trouble with Rhino - using it to make and architecture model, doing nothing out of the ordinary - importing a wblock from AutoCAD then extruding, copying, moving, creating layers… all the usual stuff but it keeps duplicating everything for no reason. Does anyone know why? It wasn’t doing it in the beginning and now it keeps doing it all the time to the point where i cant do anything and i need to get this model finished asap!


Just a suggestion, post the file and give detailed step by step instructions of when the duplicate objects show up, step 1 yada, step 2 yada, step 3 everything is duplicated. That kind of thing. Also post what version of Rhino you are using. The McNeel guys are very helpful if you can help them pin down when/where things are going wrong.

Also, it’s after hours so they prob won’t see it till first thing in the morning.

Hi Eric, thanks for your email - i have resolved it now so its all good!

Glad to hear it Alex, out of curiosity and in case I get this question again, what was the issue?