Evaluation version expired 60 days before the due

Hello everyone,

How is it possible that my evaluation version has expired 60 days before the due.

Could someone please help me urgently?



You have this listed as Rhino V5 in your tag… Is that correct? If so, how/where did you get an evaluation version of V5?

If it is the current V7 evaluation you are actually using, please contact sales@mcneel.com via e-mail to have them look into it.

Yes, it is V5. I downloaded it here --> https://www.rhino3d.com/de/download/rhino/5/latest

I installed it in mid December. The evaluation time is 90 days. Where should I e-mail?

Then you must have seen this:

There is no evaluation version for V5. For an evaluation version you need a license key, which gets sent in an e-mail at download time, and with which you have to validate the installation.

I think the full version of V5 maybe still allowed you 30 days to work without validating. The latest ones do not.

You should download and run the current V7 evaluation version instead.

Then how come it started to count down from 90 days if it is only for 30 days? Unfortunately I can’t work on Rhino 7 or 6, I work with cityGML in my office, and it is compatible with Rhino 5 only.

It told you you had 90 days when you started? Perhaps, the V5 licensing system was different back in 2012 so it may have inferred you could evaluate for 90 days without having an evaluation license key. That is no longer the case.

You will probably need to buy a Rhino V7 license with which you can get a free “legacy” Rhino V5 or V6 license key.

You downloaded the V5 for Windows installer from the Archive section of the Download page.
Those links exist only for existing customers that own a permanent license, so they can install Rhino again.

As Mitch mentioned, the only evaluation available currently are for Rhino V7.
We do not provide evaluation versions for products that are no longer available for purchase.

Will I be able to use Rhino V5 if I buy Rhino V7 license?

Yes, as I outlined above. However, for Rhino 5 you will have to choose between Mac and PC. I suspect that only the PC version is workable for CityGML, so I guess this is not a problem.


Always use the same e-mail address you used for validating V7.