Rhino 5 expired

Hi! Im having a issue with rhino 5. I try to install it, but allways show me “Trial has expired”. ¿Could you help me?

This is on a computer which has never had a Rhino V5 evaluation version installed? Are you using the latest version freshly downloaded from the McNeel site here? What is your OS? Is it up to date? --Mitch

The machine has a Win7, Rhino V5 was installed time ago. And now im trying to install the lastest versión avaliable.

Well, unfortunately, if you have already installed the evaluation version on a machine and more than 90 days (limit of the test period) have passed since the initial installation, you will not be able to install a new evaluation version.

If the initial version was installed less than 90 days ago, and has expired before the limit, please contact sales@mcneel.com to see what can be done.