Rhino 7 Evaluation Expired

Today, 11.22.20 I downloaded the Rhino 7 Evaluation. After install and opening the program for the first time I am being prompted that Rhino is already expired when the actual expiration date is 2.22.21. Is this a glitch or have I missed a step/done something wrong in my install?

same here

Hi - please contact sales@mcneel.com to get you sorted with the eval licensing.

Did you receive a Rhino Evaluation license key (Please DO NOT post it here)?

Were you asked to enter it?

I looked up your license based on the email address you used to login to this forum, and I see that it hasn’t been used yet. You’ll need to enter your license into Rhino in order to use it.

I thought I had entered it. Proved me wrong you have. Thanks!

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My license has expired and i have a project that needs to be completed. I am a student. What can I do? I have the license number

You’ll need to purchase a permanent license.
Since you’re a student, you should qualify for EDU pricing.
Details can be found on the Student and Faculty tab on the Buy page.