Rhino 5 - "Autosave is disabled because your evaluation period is expired"

Downloaded the rhino 5 90 day trial for windows. It said immediately that my trial had expired and does not allow me to save. Does anybody know how to fix this problem. Thanks

My only guess is that you or someone else must have already used a previous installation of Rhino 5 Evaluation on that PC.

Have you ever installed Rhino 5 on that computer?

Emailed BAC1392 off-line

I have the same problem too.
Yesterday I installed the newest release of Rhino 5 SR13- 64bit 90 day Eval Version (rh50_it-it_5.13.60913.21340.exe) on my PC which is running windows 10, but when I opened Rhino 5, on the top left corner it said “Evaluation Expired”. I have got the SR12, installed on my PC last year (approx.), but I remove it before trying the latest version.
What should I do?
Many thanks

Buy a license… You can’t evaluate Rhino for more than 90 days. Removing an older SR from your computer and installing a new one doesn’t give you another 90 days…


I thought that if they were different releases I could try the newest.

Different versions (Rhino V4, Rhino V5) - yes, different service releases of the same version, no. As we are at 13 service releases for V5, having another 90 days for each SR would give users over 3 years of free use of the program… No licenses would ever get sold… :smirk: