Trial expires before 90 Days

Hi, I downloaded to the trial version 5 days ago and already it has expired before the 90 days?
How can I fix this? I just uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same result. Please help.


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Anthony also contacted us through our tech support email. I’m helping him there

I am actually having the same issue, can someone from tech support please help me out?

@mary or @John_Brock, can you help?

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i got the same problem can you guys help please

me too…my evaluation period expires after 1 month… please help :frowning:

In the middle of a workshop in Cairo and this is happening. This is happening to 2 / 30 people.
by the way, it seemed to happen to a few more people when the power cut out and their desktops shut down…

Luis, in pretty much every case we look at now, the machine in question has had an eval installed in the past. Can you tell if this is the case?


This was not the case in Cairo.

Now I have another set of students and it is happening, though one of them had a Rhino 4 evaluation from a while back.

@stevebaer, can you think of what might be up here?


I’ll work with Luis

This is also happening to me now. Is there any fix to it?

Are you installing on your own PC or a school PC where Rhino might have been installed before?

At any rate,

Hello, i am also dealing with the problem of my rhino evaluation expiring less than 90 days…i installed it about 2 weeks ago

I’m sorry it expired early.
Please send a message to from the email address you used when you downloaded the installer.
Hopefully they have some ideas and can help.

My trial version has expired after only 26 days. I don’t understand why this has happened. I uninstalled and reinstalled and of course it still says expired.

My battery on my laptop died today while i had Rhinoceros open. I plugged it in then restarted and opened Rhinoceros again. This is when it showed expired. I am not sure if it just a coincidence but I feel that the power loss had something to do with it. I have sent an email to tech support and I am very much looking forward to a response.

Hi Colin - please contact for help with this.



I have the same problem i messaged them. but no reply came back. what do i do?

Hey there! I have the same issue! I have downloaded Rhino to try and it has expired only after a month! Can anyone help me? :slight_smile: