ERROR with IGES export


I am having an issue with the export of an IGES file. I divided a big model into different blocks, and when trying to export some of them the error: ‘A error while writing the plug-in file has occurre’ appears.

This only happens when I do not use the Predetermined IGES export set ups. The difference between my set ups and the the predetermined are:
Max degree: 5
Curves defined as B-spline individual: ON
Use simple entities when possible: ON
Export normal of unity for normal curves: ON
=======IN SURFACES=====
Max degree: 5
use simple entities when possible: ON
Adust rational surfaces: ON

I am yet to find the core of the problem. And as mentioned, I can still work with the Predetermined Rhino set up, however it is not optimal for my application.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello - it would be useful to have an example - the simpler the better - either here or sent to , with a link back to this thread.


Hello Pascal,

Thank you for your answer. I have been working on it these past days, I have found out that I had some poorly defined surfaces with area close to 0 that were giving these errors.

Something else, that I can still not fix and i think is related to the export methodology, is that the levels (layers in Rhinoceros) in IGES are not being maintained. So if, for example, I have an element in Parent layer ‘Profiles’ child layer ‘Deck A’ in the IGES file appears as: ‘Profiles::Deck A’. It would be really helpfull if it can be maintained as it is in Rhino.

Thank you for your time.