Error exporting from Rhino .iges file

Hi to everybody,
I get this message when i try to export my model into a .iges file:

I tried to recover it and checked the bad objects, also changed Rhino version and operating system, still nothing changed.

I really need it.

Many thanks!


You can see more status line messages by clicking the “4 bar” icon to the left of the error message. If there is nothing helpful in the additional status messages, we’ll need to get a copy of your model to determine the problem.

9 bad objects were created while reading "/Users/stefano/Desktop/P9483/P9483 -2 - 3D MODEL/P9483 - 2 - 3D MODEL - 110714 - 4-1.3dm"
716 surfaces, 651 polysurfaces, 225 extrusions added to selection.
Command: _Export
Error writing file /Users/stefano/Desktop/P9483 - 2 - 3D MODEL - 110714 - 4-1.igs
Error saving file /Users/stefano/Desktop/P9483 - 2 - 3D MODEL - 110714 - 4-1.igs

…This is what it says.
I deleted the bad objects but nothing changed!


Please post a copy of your 3dm file so we can duplicate the issue.