Missing IGES export?

My copy of the Iges export plugin doesn’t function. Does someone have a functioning copy that I can try? Or is there some bigger issue?

It should be there.
Is it “enabled” in Options > Plug-ins?

“IGES Export Plug-in”

It’s enabled, and there’s a plugin file, but maybe it’s corrupt or something. Gives me an error when I try to export iges. I’ll attach the plugin here if I can.export_IGES.zip (44.2 KB)

Sorry, it doesn’t work like that.
If you right -mouse click on it in the Plug-ins Options page and click Load, does it load or throw an error?

I don’t see the Load option. See screen shots attached. The error is when I try to export geometry, now while trying to load the plugin, fwiw.

I got this on the last Beta, but then I updated (I’m on the daily builds) and now it is OK it seems - so you might have to wait for the next public Beta… @tim ?

I found a different problem with the export even if successful - will post in another thread.


Hi phcreates,

Can you give me more details about your situation? I’m looking for details like are you saving over the top of an existing file? Are you saving to a network or cloud drive? Does it happen on both Save and Export? Does it happen with every model you attempt to export? It looks like you’re trying to save simple geometry based on your picture. Even so, having your model might be useful. Maybe there’s something peculiar about it.


It happens with any/all geometry. For the images I sent, I simply created a box and tried exporting to the desktop. I’ve tried to other locations as well. Happens with both save & export. Maybe Mitch is on to something and it’s already fixed in the latest daily build?

One thing I can tell you about IGES export in V6 is the UI is completely dotnet. That’s basically the only thing that’s in the plugin file now (.rhp). The code that does all of the work is in a file named IgesCoreLib.dll. You make sure that file exists in the same location as the .rhp.

Yes, I was able to locate that in the Plug-ins folder.

Hi phcreates,

I’m at a loss. The plugin must be getting loaded otherwise you’d be getting the plugin failed dialog and not a file saving failed dialog. Why don’t you post a 3dm file just in case there’s something weird in it.



One other clue, maybe, is that clicking on ‘options’ when I’m about to export to iges brings up nothing (I click, the button flashes showing that I clicked, but nothing happens.)example iges export.3dm (205.7 KB)