Error: Solution exception: element 123: has only 0 node

I’ve exported a model from Dlubal RSTAB as two .csv-files, one for the nodes and one for the beams/elements. So I have the list of nodes in the order they’re used in the original model and I have two lists for the node indices (start node and end node) to create the elements with “Index To Beam”. So these Elements should also be in the very correct order.
Nevertheless I get the error “Solution exception: element 858: has only 0 node” when I want to assemble the model (using “Assemble Model”). The error message doesn’t help me because element 858 does have two (different) nodes and is regularely created like the other elements.
Additionally, I avoided the common error which occurs if the inputs to the assembly are not flattened, so everything is flattened and simplified.
Thank you for your suggestings.

JB (28.7 KB)

Hi @PaoloPinkas,
node index 479 of element 585 is out of range, since only 479 points exist and indexing starts with zero. The error message is misleading though. I will change that.

Hi Clemens,
thank you. As a beginner in programming I sometimes forget about counting from 0 instead of 1.
As a solution for my problem I subtracted 1 from both index-lists and now “Index to beam” works and puts out the exact RSTAB model.