Beginner's question about supports - index 2 out of range...etc

In the attached file I try to define points 1,2,3 as supports but I get the error: node index 2 is out of range.
Algorithm works only if I insert IDs 0 or 1 for some reason… When I switch to 0,1 or 2 or anything else I get an error. Some help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. (31.3 KB)

I reupload the gh file. Shatter / Range I got it copy paste from the Karamba Examples.
Does it wok now ? (33.5 KB)

This is a Karamba Post. Shouldn’t you have or use Karamba to post here ?
Anyone else please ?

Problem solved.
Lines for had to hook up to Line to Beam component directly, not through Scatter.