Issues with materials in viewer version 2, BUT ONLY ON MAC

Hi. Im having some issues when uploading a grasshopper-file from mac to shapediver. When i have saved the file on Rhino 7 for Mac, and then go to upload the file all the materials work in viewer version 3, but in version 2 all the materials are just white. No roughness or colors. Every geometry has the same material.

When take that file, open it in Rhino 7 on PC and just save the file and do nothing else before i upload it to Shapediver, then i works as expected. Ive tried this severeal times now, and this seems like a predictable behaviour. Have used my Rhino for mac on many models before, never had an issue. This is only recent.

Any ideas why or help would be greatly appreciated. Link to model:

PC model: ShapeDiver
MAC model: ShapeDiver

Which version of the ShapeDiver plugin are you using, both on Rhino 7 for PC and Rhino 7 for Mac? If you are not using the latest version, did you try to upgrade the plugin?