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I have successfully uploaded a GH file on shapediver. However, when trying to play with the model, nothing is displayed (see image below). I have internalised all the required geometries and I have made sure that the output was a mesh instead of a BRep, but still, nothing. I’d like to have some help.

Thank you

Are you able to reproduce this issue on a minimal definition that you can share in this thread?


Here is an example of a file that cannot be displayed in shapediver. (1.3 MB)

The shared ShapeDiver system is still using Rhino 6, while your Python script was written in Rhino 7. It seems that there are several backwards incompatibilities that make the script fail in Rhino 6.

You have two options moving forward:

  1. Try to adapt your script to make it work in Rhino 6.
  2. If you start a Designer or Business account, we can transfer your account to a Rhino 7 system. I just tested your model on a Rhino 7 ShapeDiver system and it runs without issues.

Alternatively, you can wait until we switch the shared system to Rhino 7 but we do not have a schedule for this yet.

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Thank you for your answer. We have now access to a Rhino 7 system. One other thing I’d like to know is: we have a couple of grasshopper definitions that have lines of code and we would like to upload them to shapediver to iteratively improve our current definition, the only issue is that the response time from the shape diver team takes longer than we expect. How can we make sure we have a quicker response time?

Our team reviews scripts from the shared system (Designer and Business accounts) in the order in which they are uploaded. The volume of scripts to review is variable, and therefore so are validation times. On those shared systems, there is no way to customize the response time.

Enterprise accounts on the other hand can bypass the review process.

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