Error code -200 after update. Rhino no longer starts


I am in the development phase. and I realize that the Eto library is missing:


I can no longer open Rhino, and with the missing DLLs I can no longer code either.

It does not please, I have today a small connection (via my phone). The estimate for downloading the full version from is two hours …

The problem is most likely due to this poor internet connection.
But the Rhino installation did not check for new files before deleting the old ones.

Hi - have you tried repairing the installation from the Windows Control Panel?

Hello @wim

I do not know how to do …?

The download was faster than expected, it just finished.
The problem now is that is offering version 6.34 and the registered update is 6.35.
so he doesn’t want to install 6.34 over 6.35.

I really didn’t want to uninstall everything.
To redo my toolbar, reinstall the plugins (VisualArq and mine …)

Do you have an idea ?

Hi -

In the Windows Control Panel, go to Uninstall a program:

In the list of programs, find Rhino 6 and right-click, then pick Change

You then get the Repair option in the Rhino dialog:


yes indeed I had not thought of it.
It seems to restart the installation. that is going to take time (In addition, it re-downloads the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 SDK).
I will tell you, thank you.

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It was fast, and everything is working fine.

Two hours to click on “Upgrade” is a bit long …
Very clearly the installer has a problem and does not check the existence and integrity of the downloaded files.
I guess it’s not that hard to fix.

Thank you @wim , now all is good.

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