Ellipse Spiral

Hi Everyone:)

I’m trying to create an ellipse spiral with a consistent gap between the steps of the spiral that I can also control.

Thank you so much!


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Simply scale the circular spiral in X or Y direction

Hi Seghier!

How can I do that? this is how I created my spiral…
Do you have a better idea of how to make it an elliptical spiral?

The i mage don’t show anything

And now?

Don’t you then get an inconsistant gap between the lines?

I’m trying to create an elliptical spiral, this one is a perfect circle…

If you mean this there are many ways

I don’t understand what you mean
Ellipse is a scaled circle

A spiral more often is considered flat, 2D … but it can be also 3-dimensional, more correctly a “helix”.

Do you need a spiral (2D) or a helix (3D) ??


Hi Riccardo!

I need a 2D ellipse spiral.

Thank you but I nean a 2D ellipse spiral

Hi Riccardo!

I need a 2D ellipse spiral.

As @maje90 pointed out, I was assuming he was talking about a flat 2D spiral, not a helix.

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This based on this tutorial

spiral.gh (21.2 KB)


You can also extract this curve and use loop offset


A “constant gap” spiral is not really simple.
Even a normal “circular” spiral usually have the gap larger than the starting “step” input value, but still constant.

On an elliptical context this is even more complex.

flat_elliptical_spiral_costant_gap_V0.1.gh (19.4 KB)
This script make a spiral starting from an ellipse (and its offset) and make points with a constant STEP … not GAP .

Zoomed in you can see the inward offset (black) and outward offset (white) that doesn’t touch well.

Turn by turn the problem lessen as the shape tend to a circle and the step/gap is in proportion smaller to the circumference (of a turn) , but this shape is not with a “constant gap”.

@seghierkhaled … your first solution give high un-constant gaps.
Your second solution (by looping offsets) is probably the best possible without involving a really complex math/geometrical construction.

@michal2 if you need a elliptical spiral with “constant gap” I would go with the “loop offset” solution given by Seghier. You’ll need anemone.

Edit: even an Archimedean spiral does not have a constant gap…


spiral is when curvature is increasing thus collapsing to the center. helix is only in 3d . there can also be helix which is combined with spiral which is collapsing to the center in 3d

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Hi everyone,

Wow cool! Thank you so much for all the info and solutions you shared!! it is very helpful for my project.
I think I will go with Riccardo’s solution because I would like to control the step’s size.
The looping offsets solution is also very good and simple!

Thanks again:)