Create perfect spiral between two circles above eachother


i was wondering how i could make a perfect spiral between two circles above eachother. both circles are the same with the radius. I want to divide the circles and then make a spiral between. And i want to connect those divided points to eachother. So it will be a ramp that is circular. I used the component Nurbs curve, but that component doesnt make a curve perfect between the circles, but a little in between. I will attach the file.Test wokkel (21.8 KB)

Use Interpolate (IntCrv) instead.
Nurbs curve uses the vertices as the control points.

Edit: Actually Interpolate(t) gives a better result following the circles. The other one gives a slight deviation at the ends of the curve.
Test wokkel (19.7 KB)

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Here is another way usingPoint Cylindrical.

Test wokkel (12.2 KB)

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Yet another way.


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hello, how to make a pitch spiral of 3550 mm and 418º?

It is something that a client sent from an online program, but I realize that I do not know how to do this type of spiral.

You can use polar array, move for each step and dome basics maths. I am sure there are scripts available for things like that.


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Use this as well

spiral (8.4 KB)


Hello I hope this is understood.
you just need to find the start of the Helix and then the spin number and use the native rhino command

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thanks it seems to be what I’m looking for, but I still can’t make it work I think it is necessary to somehow extend the 58 degrees shown by the helix @vikthor

spiral (8.1 KB)

see ↓ (22.5 KB)

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Check this (21.6 KB)

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That solved it! Thank you very much! @vikthor
Thanks for the complement! I’ll be showing progress @seghierkhaled

This is an update (18.4 KB)

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Other solution
spiral stair (16.5 KB)

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:slightly_smiling_face: thank you very much so I’m going

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