Create simple 2D-spirals from circle center points

Hi there,

I would like to create simple 2d-spirals. The center points I want to use from circles I have created before and the spiral should stay within the circle.

I’ve been trying this, but it didn’t work…

here’s also the file: (12.5 KB)

See attached (117.1 KB)

Ok, I’m not quite sure whats going on in this code put it works hahah. Thanks you, MY LORD :wink:

Nothing worth to bother you.

Get this as well: (120.4 KB)

Notify if you want far more interesting Spiral stuff. Like: (A Spherical option shown)

PS: SpiralTypes are many:

cool! thanks!!

Spirals I put in my Nautilus plugin


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Hi again, so I’m having this “conceptual” problem here, where I have several lines as input, which all have this area where they are in closer proximity. Now I want to generate offset curves that kind of meander in between this lines:

…in the sketch, the black lines are the input lines and the pink ones I want to generate.

Tween curve doesn’t work because of the exceptions when two lines are on the same side.
Any Suggestions to solve this geometrically with a grasshopper script?

This means C# (very easy in “most” of cases) or native stuff?

BTW: If C# what sort of animals are your curves? (planar or not, closed/open, self intersecting … blah, blah).

So this is all in 2D. The black inputs are simple lines and the red curves are planar open curves.
…and preferably I look for a solution working with the “native stuff” :grimacing:

Like said by @PeterFotiadis there are many things that could lead to a difficult solution. C# Python seems better as they allow to treat more scenarios. By the way it is a nice problem.

Cross fingers for some other good Samaritan who likes that kind of thing. In fact I have a C# that does that … but I can barely remember where is.

Okay, I see your point, Pfotiado & Laurent. I understand a bit of Python, but C# I cannot read that good… and in the end I think I should at least understand the code.

At the moment for you problem it is not really a problem of Python or C# but an algorithm, strategy, object problem.
There are some simple cases but also some other more complex.
For example
generate lateral lines a distance D (simple with curve offset loose )
Generate some offset/pills at distance D*1.5 (I use Clipper that can offset a line)

Cut the lines with the pills.

Then blend the cutted lines.

But what to do here

For sure other strategies could be chosen. Height fields perhaps ?

Hmm … only my Top Dog IT Guru could deal with this. Feel free to contact him when he’s available (not right now I’m afraid).

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