Elements contained inside rooms

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to get all the Revit elements that are within a room. (sinks, furniture, windows etc.) and filter the by category and such? I’m creating some pretty long workarounds but assuming there must already be a given solution.

Here is one way…

Thanks Japhy. I had this approach but trying to get it the other way around… since I’m not sure what is contained within a room, I can’t predefine it. I would like to ask the question: for a given room, which elements does it contain, and then filter it from there.

So you want to search the entire project on each room? That will be slow.

Geometry based solutions are also possible…

Hi @talfrd,

Does this cluster work for you?

RiR-QueryRoomElements.gh (27.7 KB)

Thanks Kike! will check it out and let you know!