Question:How to get the "holes" within an host like wall?

At the moment, I can get the the “inserts” things within wall element ,like doors and windows and curtain walls. But how could I get the holes created by these “inserts” element? It seems that there holes created by other elements within walls is not the same things as original holes, so it became a great question for me. Any help please? Thanks.


this is what I usually do in these cases, using the bounding box.

Holes in a (9.3 KB)

The Openings output refers to Wall Openings in Revit. That has nothing to do with windows and doors (if I am not mistaken, :sweat_smile:)

Thanks for your answers. Using bounding box works for simple doors or windows ,of which all the geometry must be included within the bounding box. Once doors or windows contain any geometry beyond the bounding box, it then donot work .See picture below.


you can avoid that if you connect the Inserts output to the Element Geometry component and then to Bounding Box.

But I am not sure if that is exactly what you are talking about. Could you share a part of your file if this does not solve the issue?

I am only able to reproduce the situation you are talking about when I do this:

Also, take into account that in the first case the Bounding Box component is set to Union Box and in the other case is set to Per Object, because the data tree is different.

Here’s another option, not an optimal solution but might work in this case.

Thanks for your answer. It’s almost 100% work but once the host wall connecting with other wall(s), something we didnot need appears .See picture below.

In fact,what I exactly need is the “void form” cutting its host wall in a revit family.Is there any dircet way to get the “void” geo using RIR?

Sorry i didnot express my question clearly. Usually within a revit family as one door, there are, for example, detail lines that only could be seen in floor plans.Bounding box would contain there line so the bounding box would be bigger than the “void form” which we need. Japhy had give us an other way to achieve this ,you can have a look.

OK, it seems that either Bounding Box or Element Bounding Geometry conponent didnot work as expected.

Hi @user454,

Please look these two posts.