Editing open polysurfaces?

Hi! New Rhino user here, still getting used to the program.

I’ve modeled an amphora – I have the body and am working on the handles, which I’ve made using a Sweep2 command. I don’t like the final appearance of the handle and want to edit the surfaces directly to smooth out the bump at the underside of the top part of the handle.
Normally when I go to Surface Tools and try to turn on Control Points, it tells me it can’t turn them on for a polysurface. Using ShowEdges and trying to Join the subsurfaces into a single surface didn’t work.
When I closed and reopened the program and set up the demo I’m uploading here, it had somehow reclassified the handle as a surface and now it lets me turn Control Points on. It won’t let me Refit the handle, though, to make it easier to manage the shape.
What am I missing here? How do I reliably find a way to reshape the surface by easily going in and clicking-and-dragging the parts I want? Also, any specific tips on how to smooth out this unsightly (and historically improbable) recurve?

LW_rhino_help_fix_handle.3dm (1.9 MB)

Hi Luise -

I have no idea how you got from a polysurface to a surface but merely closing and reopening the file shouldn’t do that.

In the file that you uploaded, you can run Rebuild to simplify the shape.

If you are dealing with a polysurface, you can use ExtractSrf to extract the one surface that you want to edit. In most cases, editing that surface will change the edges and you won’t be able to just join it back to the rest of the object without doing more work.

You could draw a curve in the Front view and use Pipe to build a more regular surface from that.

Thank you for the reply! I’ve got it working now.