Convert point to point with handles?

I’m still pretty new to Rhino and I have been trying to figure out the best way to go about rounding off sharp edges caused by points on polysurfaces. I know I can rebuild, but that adds a ton of unnecessary control points. Is there a way to change the point type on polysurfaces? There appear to be 2 types when using curves ( single point for hard edged corners and handled points for rounded corners) but I don’t see that option for surfaces. In the image below I want the get rid of the hard edges. What would be the best way to do this?

Not that I’ve ever seen. Only one type of control points. You can use HandleCurve as an alternative way to draw a curve but that is only a different way of creating control points. The resulting curve has the same structure as a curve of the same degree created with any other command.

Kinks can be created with repeated control points.

How did you create the surface? Please post a file with the surface if possible.

using sweeps. The area with hard edges was done with a sweep with 2 rails. All of the original curves used in the sweep were rounded and did not have any hard edges. After I created the sweep I wanted to modify the shape. basically extended to the bottom by moving control points down and a few in the middle outward. This caused the hard edges. I was able to fix it by rebuilding and making the degree of V 3 ( it was 2) and raising v point count from 9 to 12. This added quite a few control points, but it gave me a nice smooth edge. Is there a way to do this with less control points being added?

If the original “curves” were each a single curve then the the hard edges were probably caused by moving control points points to the same location when you modified the surface. With a degree 2 curves and surfaces only two control points need to be stacked for a kink to occur. If the original “curves” were actually multiple curves just joined together then the kinks could occur where the curves were joined when one of the individual curves were modified. If you start with single curves without kinks, and are careful not to move control points to the same location. One way control points can wind up in the same location is if the Point OSnap is on and a control point is moved close to another control point. Then the one control point being moved may snap to the other control point.

Ahh. That is probably what happened.