Rounded polysurface problem

Hi everyone,
I think I have some options problem what effect on rounded polysurfaces.
For example when I turn on control points on sphere or piped polysurface its turn on just two of them (top and bottom) and I cant manipulate and change a shape of part of it.
Secondly I cant see full shape on rounded polysurface on view port
please help me

Control points cannot be turned on for polysurfaces (two or more surfaces joined together). Solid points can be turned on for polysurfaces. Solid points are only at the corners of surfaces. Rhinoceros Help

A sphere is usually a single surface and control points can be turned on.

I’ve turned on solid points but is just two of theme there

there are just two points are turn on after I turn it on and not at the all corners, that is the problem I need a solution of

Two solid points are what is available for a solid cylinder.


BoxEdit to change the size.

Explode. Edit the individual surfaces. Trim and Join.

ExtractSrf with Copy=No. Edit the surface. Trim and Join.

If you have experience with other modeling software then Rhino may work differently.