Rhino surface problems


I’m having an issue with closing a surface (please see reference images attached). The handle on the jug needs to be a solid polysurface. It’s quite a complex curve where it meets the body and I’m struggling to find the correct command or find the right tutorial video to assist.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also attached is the Rhino file

HELP FILE.3dm (301.7 KB)

Hello - see the attached file - this should give you an idea how to proceed - but see the level one and level two training materials as well to get an idea how Rhino, and surfacing, works.

HELP FILE (2)_PG.3dm (760.4 KB)




Hi -
I see that you are running a (cracked) version of Rhino 5 - hopefully this one will open…
HELP FILE (2)_PG-RH5.3dm (3.7 MB)

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Thanks very much for your help, that’s worked great.

Much appreciated!

Hi Wim,

Sorry can I please ask what command you used on the 3 jug (red surface)? I’ve been trying to figure out the command so I can learn it but struggling to get the end result.

Hello- ExtractSrf to get that outer surface(s) out of the polysurface, then trim with the edge curves of the handle, then join it all up again.


Thanks very much Pascal