Editing dimensions style changes all my dimensions

I am currently working in paperspace, to dimension an elevation. I had finished adding the dimensions to the drawing, and just wanted to change the size of the dimension arrows. Whenever I finished making that change, all my dimensions were changed. I did this again, and by just opening the dimension style edit window, all my dimensions were changed. Is there any way to chage all of these back, or do I need to redimension everything again. I’m also confused as to why the changed happened in the first place. Thank you all in advance!

When you edit a dimension style, it redefines that style for all dimensions already in the document that are using that style - that is what changing a style is all about, global change.

If you just need to edit individual elements, either create a new style based on the old one, modify that and apply it to the element; or, select the dimension(s) and use the “Property overrides” button in the Properties>Dimension panel to change just the properties of the selected dimension(s).

HTH, --Mitch

It’s not just dimension style that changes the dimensions. Whenever I move a dimension line, it automatically changes the dimension. My dimension is correct, and whenever I move it slightly, it changes the dimension. I’ve never run into this issue before. In the past, i could move a dimension line, without this ever happening. It seems if I do ANYTHING, it automatically changes the dimension. Thanks again for the help

Hi Landon - see if HistoryPurge, with the dimension selected, clears it up - it sounds like maybe the dims were made with History recording on.