Small dimensioning and text glitches

These are minor things, but I thought I would mention them before you do the new release for Macs. I’ve always preferred dimensioning in Rhino to other drafting programs. But with the latest update, I haven’t be able to select a block of dimensions and change their attributes or style the way I used to in previous versions. For example, say I had dimensioned a drawing in one scale and I wanted to make the dimension styles different for all of those dimension lines that I had previously run, I now have to select each one individually and change it. This doesn’t seem to be the case for leader lines though. Not as user friendly as it used to be.

The box and prompt for overriding text seems to be pretty glitchy too. In order to retype, you have to select and then scroll down a very large box to be able to find the correct text line and retype.

I hate to say it, but since we don’t have layout capabilities in Rhino still these are usually just things I can fix easily when I import into AutoCAD and “MatchAttributes” since “MatchProperties” doesn’t seem to change the dimension style. I really wish I didn’t have to import into AutoCAD ever though. I use AutoCAD solely for layouts. When do you think layout capabilities would be available to the Mac users? I’m sad to hear it won’t already be included in the release.


You are saying that if you change the actual dimension style associated with the dimensions you have already created (via File>Settings>Dimensions), they don’t update?


Hi Mitch,

No, I mean if I select more than one dimension line and then go the the properties box and select a new dimension style, it will only update one at a time. Again, it’s minor, but I was used to being able to select multiple dimension lines and changing dimension styles or overriding the text to multiple items at once when I was diagramming. I can’t do that anymore. Does that make sense?


I still think I might be a little confused about what is not working. My confusion aside…

Is this a recent regression that you just noticed in RC1 (5A851)? If not, do you remember when (ie: what WIP build) it stopped working?

Hi Dan,

This is a problem that I only noticed in the build right before the 5A851, but it is still persisting.

I made a small series of screenshots with explanations to try to explain. Hopefully this is helpful.


Very helpful, thanks. Yes, this seems like a bug and I can reproduce it on my computer. This is quite annoying, I agree…since you say it used to work, I wonder when this regression snuck in. We’ve got this on our list to fix (MR-2082). Thanks again.