Dimension override affects other dimensions

Hi All,
I’m having problems with dimension override. Sometimes when I apply an override to a single dimension it works correctly with only that dimension being modified.
At other times however the override is erroneously applied to other dimensions in the same drawing.
I’ve even had occasions where the single override is erroneously applied to all dimensions on the same layer as the one being modified.
This behaviour seems to be identical and repeatable for the same drawing when applying overrides on different PCs (Rhino 5, Windows 7 Pro).
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

An override should not affect other existing dimensions of the same named style, unless the option to apply the change to the Style is selected. If it is checked, then what you described is the expected behavior.

Since this is V5, even if there is a bug, it will not be fixed, as that development has long since been closed.

Have you tried the same operation in V7?
If you can repeat the problem in V7, it can likely be fixed.

Thanks for the reply.
I don’t see an option to apply the change to the Style selected, only “Save as new style” in the dimension properties panel.
I’ve played around a little more and it does seem to be buggy sort of behaviour. I think that I’m beginning to see a pattern. If several dimesions are selected and an override is applied to all of them simultaneously (such as model space scale which I sometimes do), then all of those dimensions seem to be somehow linked.They then seem to be the troublesome ones where a subsequent override applied to only one seems to be erroneously applied to all of them. I’m not entirely certain of this yet but it seems to be approximately correct.
I know that I’m a bit of a dinosaur still being a Rhino 5 sort of guy. I was about to make the change to 7 but then realised that this would mean a change to Windows 10 which would cause all sorts of issues with other legacy software so I postponed the upgrade until I have the time to deal with it sensibly. So… I don’t know if my dimension override is an issue with 7.

Hi -

In Rhino 5, I applied a style override (model space scale) to 3 of 5 dimensions in a simple scene. I then applied an extra override (arrow length) to one of these 3 dimensions. Doing that did not change the 2 other dimensions that were overridden.

If you find a procedure that systematically reproduces the issue that you are running into, I’m happy to also try to reproduce that in Rhino 7.

Hell Wim Dekeyser,
Thanks very much for the offer. If I do identify a a repeatable procedure than I will certainly pass it on.
At the moment I’m still being very much plagued by this issue but I’m struggling to find consistency in how to force it to occur. It does seem to be somehow associated with performing an override to multiple dimensions at once but I don’t think that’s the whole story. More work needed on my part when my workload diminishes a little.