Dimension editing

I have a few notes on some oddities when editing dimensions:

If I edit leader text, it breaks history.

If I place a dimension, then latter change it style using the properties window, the style I changed it to is now the active style. I don’t think changing the style of one dimension should change the active dimension style.

If I have my Properties tabbed within a window (for instance, I have properties tabbed with Libraries) the text properties window will not draw correctly when text is selected. I have to hover my mouse over the properties window to be able to see any of the attributes to edit.

If would be nice to be able to change the justification on dimensions, similar to the ability we have on leaders.


Hi Sam -

I see the dimension setting - I agree it should probably not do that…


Leaders & History - the relevant bugtrack item is this

Basically, with History enabled on edits, editing the parent would ‘fix’ the child… and make it match again.

The Text redraw is on the pile - https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-51854