Where has Property Overide for dimensions etc gone V7

in V5 one could select a drawn dimension that needed to be a bit different from the rest of the style in use, and go Properties tab in the layer, properties,help flaoting dialog box., select the dims tab and select property overides, various boxes awaited new entries,

so if my font was 0.3inch tall and I needed it a tad smaller I entered 0.27.

I cant see that Property Overide in V7.

Nothing worded at all.
I see ‘edit style’ but I dont want to affect all dims with that style. it was as it said a ‘property overide’ just for the selected dim.
Edit Style was editing the style affecting all with that style in V5.

Used it a heck of a lot in layout view to fit things in.

Oh dear.


Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but if you go to this menu you can override the size, font and style of the dimension without affecting the rest dimensions of the same style:

Hi, I guess so, though its name ‘property overide’ is missing and one might think its affectin all dims using that style.

is this now the intended ‘property overide’ and does it offer overides on all that V5 offered such for ?