Editing surfaces while maintaing continuity

Hi All, once youv’e gone through getting sufaces to match , is there a way to keep that continuity you just worked on and then edit the surfaces someore ? Kind of like a weld so to speak. Locks what youv’e done , but allows movement in other areas of the surfaces away from their matched edges.

Hi Mark

As long as you don’t move the first and second row of control points at the surface boundary, you can edit the rest and retain tangent (G1) continuity. If you leave the third row, you could also preserve curvature (G2) if you have it. If you do adjust these, then you’ll break established (G1, or G2) continuity and would then need to re-establish it by re-matching.

I wish Rhino had a continuity history function to retain it when editing surfaces!

Hi Sach, Mark -[quote=“sach, post:2, topic:34162”]
I wish Rhino had a continuity history function to retain it when editing surfaces!

this is in the V6 WIP.


Hi Pascal, could you explain a little about the workflow and how we can do this tasks in V6? I think you posted some quick videos on other topics on how to edit surfaces maintaining continuity but I have lost the track of the those topics. If there is any keyboard shortcuts that we can use while doing the point editing I would appreciate If you could share. Thank you…

Indeed. Even better would be interactive control/analysis tools like present in Creo, Alias or ICEM ; )

Hi, anyone willing to share some knowledge about editing surfaces maintaining continuity? I would really appreciate it.

Hi Kiwi- I’m getting there - hold on a bit more.

@kiwi, here are some things that may be of interest in V6 - I’ll see if I can scare up any of the clips, or make new ones:

  • MatchSrf pays attention to History, for one edge at a time. Modifying either the surface to match or the target surface should update the surface to match to maintain continuity.

  • MatchSrf can match to a surface interior, either to a curve on the surface or by pulling the edge down to the target surface by closest points.

  • Extracted isocurves can be moved around (MoveExtractedIsocurve). In combination with the two previous points, this allows a highly adjustable surface, assuming an iso is the right place to match to, as it often is.

  • Options > Mouse > ‘Make control polygon pickable’ allows you to click on control polygon segments to select the two adjacent points or double-click to select an entire row.

  • DragMode > ControlPolyon works better now in my opinion… you can for example, slide a row of edge points out tangent on the control polygon and with History on MatchSrf, have this edge suck back to a target surface and match itself up.

  • History on BlendSrf, BlendCrv - both of these, using the Edit command line option and selecting an existing blend will allow you to manipulate the handles and continuity etc.



Thank you very much Pascal. You the best!