Edges on the texture

i try for some days how i can delete this edges from a texure what command i have to use i
really don,t know i try a lot off things??
maybe some can help me i think the texture has to be mirror but i cant find a command like that
greetings peter

First of all, make sure you have a seamless texture map. That way, the edges will not be obvious when they repeat. You should only download or buy models that have quality maps. You can also make your own in PhotoShop, explanation here.

Secondly, are you using a UV Mapping widget? These are Rhino tools [Under the Properties panel] that help you get the textures to show up where you want them. I would try the Spherical projection, but for some organic shapes, I like the one called ‘Unwrap.’ It works great on shapes like your pear.

Finally, you can always put any naughty seams on the backside. Rotate the fruit or the UV widget. No one will ever know (or think less of you for cheating!)

many thanks my friend i was thinking it was a problem how to handle rhino but now i know i was a texture problem
i need very good textures this wan is 570px by 570 px not good for the job but i find may way to carry on
thanks again !!
i put some lines where to problem was the surface edge now the problem is solvde

Hi @schultzeworks.
The link with the PhotoShop explanation does not work.
Could you send another, please. It would be helpfull for me.

The link I provided was from two years ago and the website has apparently expired. However, the answer to your question involves typing a few of the terms I used into a handy search engine. Try this link

Preety smart answer. I usually use google alot but when i ask someone for link im thinking the person have already found the best one and would like to share it. The one You use the most.
Also my skill in english is not so good.
I just needed “seamless” word. :slight_smile:
Thanks anyways.