Need help with naked edges please


I’m pretty new to Rhino and in need of some help please! I have a file with naked edges which I have no idea how to fix.
I’m needing to print this model for a uni project so trying to fix all the naked edges but I’m struggling to get anywhere. I’ve fixed up the model as much as I can but there are still a few left that I can’t fix.
I would greatly appreciate some help and/or advice.

Here is the file along with a screenshot to show the naked edges I am struggling with: nakededges1.3dm (848.0 KB)

Thank you,


ok extract each of those surfaces that are giving you trouble and delete them. if you look closely at the edge you will see its not smooth. the trouble is coming from little notches in it. just make a surface or cutting plane and trim that edge smooth. once its smooth you can just run the cap command.

Thank you very much! @jimc