UV Texture mapping - trouble with complicated shapes (Rhino 5)

After watching of all available tutorials on uv mapping in Rhino, I have decided to start making proper UV texture maps on my models. It looked simple enough, but I Instantly ran into some problems.
Here I have a simple open surface created by revolving a curve as seen below:

I’m trying to make a texture which has a checkered texture similar to default rhino texture offered in uv edit tab. I’m trying to get the seamless checker effect. But when I unwrap the texture (along an only available seam which is identical to the curve that I used to revolve the open surface) I get a really weird shape, which causes warped checkers as seen below:

Obviously, there are problems with density difference.
What is the right approach to get the seamless checker texture without the distortion?

Here is the project file:
rhino uv problem.3dm (287.5 KB)


try with more than one surface, double curvature surfaces will always have a deformation when developing flat

But in that case I will not have seamless texture effect.
Is there a way to unwrap the texture in a way that it doesn’t deform so much?

In this particular case it might be worth seeing if a cylindrical mapping does the job.


If you need unwrapped UV often than I recommend you to buy an unwrapper like Unfold3D (http://www.polygonal-design.fr/). Also I use MoI3D to create clean low poly meshes before. Here an example.

default unwrap

one cut added

two cuts added

two cuts + some constrains added

I use Unfold3D since a few years for unfolding air plane and train seat clothes. It’s one of my most important tools to deliver high quality renderings.

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This is the first thing I tried. It doesn’t work smoothly enough, unfortunately.

This looks very promising.
Something like I would be able to achieve in Cinema4d.
So it looks like the Rhino v5 UV unwrap doesn’t really work that well. Is it any better in v6 or v7 WIP?

Since I know the long progress of Unfold3d I think developing more than a basic unwrap tool is to much for the Rhino team, there is enough work to do at the NURBS side. :wink:

In cases like yours I used the spherical mapping some times, if the texture doesn’t show the inhomogeneous scale to much (for example for a brush effect).

Yeah. Unfortunately, the spherical approach as shown above doesn’t work for me.

MoI is very good
Modo has a great UV tool
Cinema 4D’s UV functions sucks
Unfold3D is very good

Rhino’s UV tools are good at what they do but what they do is very limited.

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