Texture problems

Hey. In advance I have to say english isn’t my first language so please bare with me.

I have some issues in Rhinoceros 4.0 with the “Flamingo Raytrace” renderer. More specifically with this texture:

As you can see the top texture of the “wooden” object is 90 degrees off. I created the texture by simply creating a new texture, adding an image map (JPEG.) and clicking ok. I have done no other tweaks in the image above.
In other identical pieces the texture works normally. The difference in those pieces is that they are “intersecting” with this one (if that makes sense). For example if I turn this piece 90 degrees left or right the texture works just fine. But the piece I am working on needs to have two of these pieces meeting each other in a 90 degree corner so no matter how I turn them one of the objects always has a faulty texture on top.

I have tried rotating the texture in the “Texture Mapping” section of Rhino but for some reason no matter how I tweak the settings nothing at all changes in the texture itself.

I would appreciate help of any kind in this matter.

Just noticed this

if you look at this image you can see the same object as before from top view. I made 4 copies, each facing a different direction. As you can see the texture on top goes from left to right (or right to left, however you want to call it) no matter how you turn the object around. How do I turn the texture on the top of objects?

is this Flamingo 2? Flamingo textures are world oriented - you can change the mapping per object - in this case, use 'cube; mapping in the object properties > Flamingo page, not Rhinos texture mapping.