Apply Edge Softening and extract the render mesh

Hi, would like to extract the render mesh after applying edge softening in my model but I just keep getting chamfers in the edges of the meshed model instead of the fillet shape that I would like to achieve.
Is it possible to get rounded edges? Is the fail related to the fact that the surfaces of the polysurface are degree 1 or 2?
Thank you.

Hi Kiwi - I guess edge softening makes chamfers, period, as 3d geometry- if you want soft softening in the rendering then Rhino monkeys with the mesh normals to average the face normals across the chamfer, if you ask for chamfer edge softening then it does not weld across the chamfer. i.e. it’s a rendering trick not really a 3d geometry trick.


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I suspect you are being mislead in thinking the edge softening is really smooth. It’s not. It’s a faceted mesh and the display in Rhino is making the render mesh look smoother than it is.

If you right-click on the viewport name and choose Flat Shade, you’ll see the mesh facets.

In the extracted render mesh, You may be able to Weld the mesh (try 30 degrees) and then it will appear smooth (it’s really not), with Flat Shade turned off.


Wow, now I understand and feel like a fool too.
I would better forget the brilliant idea of making 1 million fillets at once :joy:

Don’t. Edge softening and shut lining are intended for visual display only. They aren’t geometry creation tools.