Easy way to make2d or get lineworks?

Hey guys, I have a really complex model and even though I’ve made every piece as block theres quite a bit of detail in them. I managed to get a clay render with no issue but the problem is getting the lineworks for it. Make2D doesn’t seem to work.

No sure I understand completely what is the required output but why not use one of these:

Can you attach at least a piece of this model so people can help you better.

Hi thanks for replying. The attached file shows the model its not highly detailed but it is relatively complex and large in scale. Basically I am trying to get the linework of the model. The Make2D command isn’t working well due to the complexity of the model. I’m just trying to figure out if there is another way to get the line drawings out

There is no attached file. If you mean the picture that is of no help at all.

Cut off a chunk of that structure containing a few of those “voxels” save them to 3dm and someone can help you.

IDEA: if you extract the boundaries (DupBorder command), project them on a planar surface on XY (or whatever view you want) perform some boolean operation to remove some unnecessary curves (that should be hidden). Perhaps that’s what you want. But I think that Make2D is doing exactly that.

Perhaps putting that in GH is better, there are polygon boolean operations there. (Don’t know if there is such thing in Rhino, never used it before)

thank you so much thats really helpful! i tried to do the generation of ‘voxels’ using gh but couldn’t get it to work because I tried to generate with legacy pieces (tetris pieces) but that DupBorder command was really helpful might try that instead thanks!