Make2D help!

So i was wondering if anyone knows how to compress/reduce the file size of a make 2D with around a million lines (it currently adds 300MB to my file…very slow). Ive played around with tolerances a bit so that the plant models dont pick up all details but its still massive. If anyone has any ideas on how to reduce the amount of lines that the make 2D picks up or a way to decrease the file size it would be much appreciated! i was thinking maybe join the lines but i feel like that might make my computer crash/wont do much.

Do the plants need to be vector? My first thought would be to change the Pen Viewport background to white, adjust the line weight settings, and export a PNG with a transparent background. This will give you a linework-like image that can be overlaid with other linework.

If the plants do need to be vector, I might try running _ReduceMesh (try reducing 90%-95%) and then run _Make2D again to see if there is a difference. You will loose some resolution.

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Hi - you could also try to run SelShortCrv and delete any curve that is so short that you won’t notice that it’s not there.

The amount of individual objects actually has a lot to say. All properties such as layer, color, linetype, etc. need to be stored on each and every curve. Less curves means a lot less data.

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I was thinking of something like Level of Detail (LOD), like the one in Revit where u can switch between 3 level (coarse, medium and details) quite helpful if dealing with massive models.

or similarly LOD in Maya / Max where the objects will switch to medium or coarse details depending on the distance of the camera.

for massive objects this would be helpful.


@crepaart i assume you use highly detailed 3D objects and then converting it into 2D curves. this would result in many unnecessary curves being projected into tight areas. and it will look all black if u see it from far away.

why not just download CAD 2D Trees/bushes and then import it to rhino. the 2D CAD Trees are made with an efficient amount of curves and still maintain the plant characteristic.

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