How do I do a simple hidden line rendering? (yes, Make2D.. but then what?)

Hi! So sorry if this is a stupid question that has already been addressed a thousand times already. But I can’t figure out how to do a simple hidden line rendering in Rhino. I get that I can use the Make2D command to flatten a mesh onto a 2D plane. But I still get all of the lines that you would see in a wireframe. I just want to see the line in the front and the silhouette lines.
Please help out a NOOB and give me some pointers.
Also, is there a reason why some meshes will flatten out and others won’t? I’m having to work with some DWGs that a client gave me. Some of the meshes work with the Make2D command. And others do nothing. Let me know what you think might be the issue there.
Any help is much appreciated.

Nevermind. I figured it out. Duh. I see that a folder is created with two layers that I can turn on and off to get what I want.
I guess when I tried it the first time, there were lots of layers in the file to begin with, so I missed that there was a new folder created from the Make2D command.