E-Vtol concept

A concept design for an autonomous E-Vtol ‘taxi’ for four/five passengers with luggage. Envisaged for short hops around the city at fairly low speeds, so aerodynamics not so crucial.

Initial shape was sculpted in Z-brush, then modelled in ICEM Surf, arranged onto layers and exported using Rhino, then rendered with Maverick.




Nice! I like how it looks like it ‘CAN’ fly and ‘MIGHT’ eat you!

Thanks @ec2638 !

I tried to give the ‘face’ a slightly aggressive look but keep flowing curves for rest of it.

I thought the rear end views looked a little like a flying pig…

Good job! Great to see Maverick used. Favorite render of all time!

Thanks Paul!

Really enjoying using Maverick for the more ‘product’ oriented shots. Just need to get a better graphics card at some point to make it super quick!

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