Custom Porsche Concept

Been busy for the past six months working on an automotive project that I started with some friends, and we’re finally starting to unveil some of the concept. We’ll be taking 993 donor chassis, and doing a complete body replacement in carbon, all new drivetrain, the works - inside and out. In addition to being a wonderful modeling challenge, this has been a great opportunity for me to work on rendering - a lontime weakness of mine. Ray Burgueno of Handlebar3D did an amazing job helping move the concept along in a much more modern direction. About half of what you see was done by Ray in Alias, the other half by me in VSR/RH5. The render was done in V7/Cycles with some help from Adobe Substance. The model as it stands right now is between concept model quality surfacing and final Class A - I’ll be doing all the final surfacing in VSR over the coming months.


STUNNING work… thanks for sharing, please update as the project progresses!

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Looking forward to seeing more photos of this project. Always an inspiration Sky!

I want more !!! Pls!!!

Looks a really good job, congratulations

@pascal did you see this one?

Looks super!


Looking forward to seeing more. Thank you for sharing.