VTOL V Bomber

The VTOL V Bomber .

A fictional prototype aircraft originally designed and modelled for an assembly game but hit a brick wall when I discovered I was going to have to learn programming in UE4!

So it’s ended up in my portfolio instead…

ICEM Surf was used for the exterior surfacing.
Rhino was used for all the internal bits and sorting it all onto manageable layers.
Rendering done using Maverick.

The frustrating thing is that I managed to get all the geometry into UE4 ok and it was pretty cool to move around it in VR, but I just couldn’t ‘do’ anything with it (turn it into an interactive game) without coding knowledge. I’m just not wired up for coding…

Anyone know a UE4 VR coder?

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I hope that one day you can fly with a plane like this one. Rob😜

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