Dynamic loading/unloading of input parameters

Dear ShapeDiver developers

Is it currently possible to have the ShapeDiver’s “Parameter tab” show more/less parameters depending on the value of a previous parameter, such as a Boolean. Or are all possible parameters fixed at the loading of the iFrame?

For example: A script has certain templates (different shapes); and once a certain template is chosen, a large number of parameters don’t do anything because they are only used for the other templates.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Gieljan,
Not in shared scenes yet, but you can embed on a hosted webpage, using a custom viewport with shapediver API and add some javascript to dynamically change your own UI, displaying only some inputs when conditions are met.

That is correct, at the moment the input visibility logic should be implemented on the side of your web application. However, you can automate the logic by sending the list of inputs that should be shown from Grasshopper in a ShapeDiver Data Output component, in which case you only need to switch inputs on and off on the frontend but the logic would stay in Grasshopper.

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