Hiding and showing different parameters as the user changes some parameters


as i uploaded my model to test it i realised that a user might find the amout of parameters a bit daunting.

Now im pretty sure this is done through the API as we embed it but before i start learning the basics of Java script i thought id ask…

Is there a way to hide or show different paramters as the user changes a different parameter?

If so i’d be very grateful if someone could give me some tips on how to do it or let me know how challenging it might be for someone that is okay with python to learn javascript and implement it?

Thanks in advance

This sounds like more of an HTML/Javascript question than a Grasshopper question? There are other forums for that,

You might also want to look at jQuery and Bootstrap:


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Responsive display of parameters is not supported out of the box and yes, you guessed it right it can be done through the API. This tutorial deals with dynamic user interfaces and it gives you an idea if it is something you manage yourself or you might need a web developer.

If you decide to learn JavaScript these code examples help you to understand quickly the basics of ShapeDiver’s API.

Also, check the success stories on our web site for great custom UIs our clients built.

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woah. the live transformations has blown my mind.

i guess i’m learning java script now.

thanks for letting me know!