Changing the Shape Diver iFrame controls

Hello Forum.
Where do I find the means to change the controls for the Shape Diver iFrame?
re: I’d like to change the order of the ‘inputs’, the font, the size etc.
I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

At the moment, styling of the iFrame parameters is not possible but more iFrame customisation options will be released soon with upcoming platform updates. However, you can build and style your own UI with direct embedding, see code example below.

Reordering parameters can be done easily, see more at this Documentation page:

thanks Pavol

Hello again Pavol.
Can you give a little more background on:
For the parameter values, re: “reorganize the parameters in the preferred order using the burger handles on the left of each parameter”
Which burger handles?

Try learning by doing :wink:


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