How to hide parameters on ShapeDiver when the object is disabled

Hi everyone,

I’m new to Grasshopper and ShapeDiver use. I want to let the user chose to show or hide some objects and then personnalize it if shown. But on the ShapeDiver interface, the paramaters of personnalization are always visible, even if my object is disabled.

I find the same problem on the 3D chocolate Maker example : even if you don’t chose the decoration, you can still select the color.


Any idea of how I can show the parameters only when chosen ? :slight_smile:

Thank you !

What you are trying to do is to add co-dependent logic between the parameters of your definition. As you know, this is not possible in Grasshopper (disable/hide a parameter depending on the value of another one, or some other state metric). As a result, this is currently also not possible by default in the model view pages of the ShapeDiver platform. You can however easily add this logic in the code of your website if you embed your ShapeDiver model in a web application, using the viewer API.

We are evaluating the possibility to add built-in rules for this type of logic with the plugin and/or the platform, but this has low priority and I cannot give you a reasonable schedule for this feature yet.

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