Hidden Parameter does not change using the API

I have a problem where the ‘hidden’ parameter is not set when using the API?

Could you send an example model / API code explaining your problem in more details? The “hidden” property doesn’t have any effect if you are not using the standard ShapeDiver control panel. It hides the parameter there, but if you implement your own UI, it is your responsibility to use the “hidden” property to update your interface accordingly.

Okay, we thought it was something you provided. Why is it like that? It’s easy that shapedivers UI takes care of setting that parameter? Just remove it if you don’t set it?

I am not sure I understand your question. If you are implementing your own UI, “hiding” a parameter can have a variety of meanings depending on the way your controls are implemented. The API will just let you know if the owner of the model desires to hide or show each parameter. The ShapeDiver controls read this information to update the visibility of each parameter in the standard control panel, but there is no way for the API to take control of the front-end of your application to hide or show parameters automatically. Does that make sense?

Okay. The problem seems to stick. This is our model:

Thanks for the screenshot. If I understand correctly, the problem is that when you embed the model, the hidden property of the “B” parameter is false, even though the parameter is set as hidden in ShapeDiver.

I just tested directly in ShapeDiver and with the model embedded in a website. In both cases, the API call to the parameters showed me the hidden property as “true” for the “B” parameter.

My guess is that you might be loading the parameters before your model is fully loaded and therefore seeing default values for these properties. Make sure you read the properties after the model is fully loaded, for example by waiting for the VISIBILITY_ON event to be triggered.

Thank you. That is probably why :]