Is there a way I can “hidden until activated” sort of thing for configurators? I’ve got many variables and only I can understand. I need a way to make it more feasible to use shapediver in a presentation.

@arq.leonardopedroso do you mean to hide parameters? If so you can hide parameters in the edit mode:

On the other hand, if you want to hide and show geometry, you could use the Stream Filter component with a boolean toggle parameters to be able to stop sending Geometry when the toggle is off.

Hope this helps.

Not exactly, I mean to be able to show a parameter only if another parameter is active… like if a have a toogle that hides some configurators so shapediver doesn’t show them if x=0 and show them if x=1… a strem filter kind of thing, I don’t know if I made myself clear.

We are exploring options to build in this type of logic in the models but at the moment it is only possible through a custom UI built with the API.

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Oh ok, hope you can add that soon. Keep up the good work!