DWG will not open after I saved a part out of Rhino7

Hi guys! I saved ( export selected) one part of my work in DWG or DXF and I wanted to check back and Rhino doesn’t the DXF or DWG part. It crashes by opening like there is a black monitor and after I hitting esc the work area is empty…
Pls tell me what do I do wrong?
Thnx a lot!

Hi Szilvezter -
Please post that part of your work as a 3DM file and the resulting DWG file.

Hey Wim!! Here are th files!! thnx!! :slight_smile:

tx01_0801.dxf (246.3 KB)
tx01_0801.3dm (341.3 KB)

DXF opens instantaneously here. There are only curves in it - 162 of them. If you are looking to export surfaces/solids, I would use the 2007 Solids export scheme.