Cannot open dwg (rhino crashes) or import or whatever since upgrading to Rhino 7 from Rhino 6

So yes, really frustrated here. How can I get in touch with someone that can walk me through troubleshooting this bad boy…

I don’t have administration rights so there is not much I can do… But if I can at least identify the issue. Apparently in the administrator profile there are no issues on the same machine.

Hi Maira - do you get a McNeel crash report UI when the crash occurs? If so, please send that in to us with as much detail about what you were doing as you can provide.


Hello Pascal,

When it happens Rhino gets in some loop and never gets to crash. It just becomes unresponsive for a loooong time. I have sent an example file that failed to []

Recently I have pinpointed the issue to what mesh precision is assigned on import. Rhino was freezing when selecting Automatic option for many dwg files. I began choosing double precision for all dwgs and I had a better rate of success, but I am not sure that it worked for all files. I will try to reproduce the issue if I can. BR maira

@miguel.fonseca - I do not see anything from you - can you resend to, if the file is not massive, (smaller the better) or upload to to my attention if the file is very large. Either way please include a link back here in your comments,