Quick help required opening DWG - empty

when I open these DWG, empty … not sure why, can anyone please help and save so I can use?

many many thanks

Oasis Linear Duo Pod.Left Hand Door.Glass Rear Wall.dwg (1.5 MB) Oasis Linear Study Booth (LH Door).dwg (579.6 KB)

Hi Richard -
Here’s one so far.
Oasis Linear Duo Pod.Left Hand Door.Glass Rear Wall-TrueView.dwg (1.4 MB)

The other one doesn’t want to read in TrueView either, I’m afraid…

Rhino also skipped 62 objects.

excellent wim! thank you so much

why does rhino skip certain objects?

Good question. : )
In the case of that file that TrueView couldn’t open, I’d say that these objects are somehow damaged beyond repair. I put the other one on the pile for a developer to take a look at - RH-62294: File IO: DWG import failure case.

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thank you

Hi Richard -
The developer asks about the history of those DWG files.
Do you know in which program they were originally generated?

I dont, please dont waste anymore time as I have moved on now to next project!
Thanks for your help