DWG import vs open

Never had this problem before but for this one file if I import it into a new or existing file it is busted (error messages, bad objects and busted geometry in “good” objects).

If however I open the dwg in rhino it comes in perfectly fine.

This is blowing my mind. Of course I can get around it by just copying from the good open file to where I want it but shouldn’t the import work just like opening the file?

I can provide the file to someone at McNeel.

Bad Import (bad objects selected are yellow, which don’t include the “looped” objects)

Good Open (no bad objects)

Import and Open Settings

Error Message (clicked yes, clicking results in similarly bad import)

Notification Message (clicked OK)

Hi Nick- please send the file to tech@mcneel.com.



@pascal I have filed a bug report: http://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-29277

This may be related to the above problem as the data comes from the same external program, however it doesn’t appear to be an issue with tolerances.

The attached file has lots of bad objects in it upon open or import. The rest of the model has been culled as it imports fine now. Everything gets imported in one hit, hence why I don’t think it is a tolerance issue like the last problem. It is odd that some of the pillars import fine while most do not.

pillars.dwg (106.6 KB)


Thanks for your reply.
That’s exactly what the issue was. I had the same error messages as yourself also.

I’ve adjusted tolerance to 0.0001 and the circles are gone.


I now just have these box artifacts around the arm rests.

Any thoughts there?

I should clarify that, while it’s a lot easier to clean up this bench seat now.
This is just a test to demonstrate on this forum. The actual import is a large urban site.

So would still be a nightmare to clean up.